We made sure that Specialty’s Cafe in Redwood City was set up with a HVAC system to meet all of their baking needs. Our technicians installed a Penberry rooftop fan, 2 exhaust hoods, a Honeywell programmable thermostat, a Honeywell remote indoor sensor and Titus supply and return air ducts.

Buffalo’s Mechanical, Inc. is an HVAC Contractor serving Redwood City, CA. We have just finished Specialty’s Cafe in Redwood City located at 701 Chesapeake Drive Redwood City, CA.  We continue to do work here at these stores. If you are in need of an experienced HVAC Contractor in Redwood City or anywhere else in Northern California, then please reach out to us at (209) 599-1700 or email Jason Buffalow at jb@buffac.com.

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